- IP Strategies to defend businesses and promote research result commercialization -

Fri, Oct 25, 2019   Kyoto University, Fujita Commemorative Lecture Hall



- 事業をまもる 研究成果の事業化をささえる 知財戦略 -

2019年10月25日(金) 京都大学 藤多記念ホール

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Friday, Oct 25, 2019 9:30 am @ KYOTO UNIVERSITY

Fujita Commemorative Lecture Hall



Kyoto University, founded by imperial ordinance in 1897 as the second oldest university in Japan, is a world leader in innovation, pioneering new academic fields, and producing leading academics and professionals.

Kyoto University’s Center for Genomic Medicine’s goal is to advance university education and research in innovation to improve society. Through these studies we hope to establish a genome variation-based approach directly linked to clinical research and therapeutics in the disease areas under study.  Our ultimate goal is to help development of the treatment of intractable illnesses by contributing research and development of therapeutic drugs for incurable diseases for which the therapeutic method has not been discovered, orphan drugs and new vaccine.

Co-hosted by Unified Patents and Lot Network, the Center for Genomic Medicine at Kyoto University is hosting this year’s IP Strategy Conference.

Sessions at IPSC 2019 will discuss:

Panel Session 1. Ways to improve Industry-Academia IP and Commercial Collaboration

  1. Utilization of universities as a promising option for corporate business development.

  2. Commercialization of University’s research result through start-up ventures.

  3. IP Strategies as a key for success of newly developed businesses.

  4. Next generation patient care by collaborative work between medical and high-tech technologies.

Panel Session 2.   Effective Techniques for Corporations to deal with Standard Essential and Non-Practicing patent issues

  1. Short-Middle-Long Term Measures to reduce Patent Troll Risks.

  2. Dealing with approaches from Patent Pools and larger licensing entities.

  3. Defensive litigation strategies.

  4. Strategies to Challenge Bad Patents.

  5. Patent royalty stacking and FRAND rates—How to calculate a fair price.

  6. Short summary of recent impactful cases and cases to what in this area.


Panel Session 3.   How to improve the value and utilization of Corporate portfolios

  1. Licensing out patents for damages and royalties to reinvest in future research and development. 

  2. Offensive infringement litigation strategies.

  3. Corporate to corporate direct patent transactions for rational and higher return.

  4. Whether to participate in Pools – e.g., Video Codec and 3GPP/LTE.

  5. Whether to sell your patents to Patent Trolls.

  6. Short summary of recent impactful cases and cases to what in this area.

Join over 250 academic and in-house scientific, business and IP professionals and discuss enhanced academia-industry collaboration, best practices of intellectual property and business strategies as well as the latest developments of standard essential patent pools. 

We welcome participation in this event from professionals in companies, universities and research institutions, as well as students. The conference will be held in Japanese and English with simultaneous interpretation. This is an admission free non-profit event. We encourage your early registration due to limited seat availability.

Please contact event coordinator (Email: info@gckyoto.com ) for any questions. We look forward to meeting with you in Kyoto.


Fumihiko MATSUDA, Ph.D.

Professor and Director,

Center for Genomic Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine

Kyoto University

[When] Friday, October 25  9:30am – 5:30pm

[Where] Kyoto University. Fujita Commemorative Lecture Hall

Med-Pharm Collaboration Building

46-29 Yoshida-Shimo Adachi-cho

Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8304 JAPAN

[Access]  http://www.pharm.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/access/campus/

[Admission] Free

[Capacity] 306

[Attendee] Corporate IP, R&D finance professionals. Academic and research institutional professionals. Students. No service providers except for sponsor and its guests.








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